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“I was very happy working with Kyle Short in regards to custody and child support for my new baby. Kyle was very attentive to me and the details of my case, and made sure that every issue was discussed and resolved thoroughly to my complete satisfaction. Even since the case was completed, Kyle has continued to offer assistance and answer questions as circumstances have arisen in regards to my child and case. I highly recommend Kyle!”

– A.A.

“Kyle Short shows a sincere interest in his clients and their needs, and offers continuous support and guidance through the legal process. He effectively communicates and supports you every step of the way. Kyle truly builds strong relationships with his clients and is readily available throughout the legal process. I highly recommend Kyle Short for any legal needs.”

– A.H.

“Kyle Short was both knowledgeable and helpful. He listened to our objectives, outlined our opportunities, and explained future expectations. Kyle demonstrated his experience and his ability in conferences and in court. Our grandson is better off today because of Kyle’s work.”

– T.R.

“My family has had the opportunity to work with Kyle Short as our attorney for over four (4) years, including numerous court and trial appearances, as we have had to deal with a divorce case, custody case, grandparent custody case, and a modification of custody case. Mr. Short has always been extremely professional, while still making us feel completely taken care of. He is accessible, responsive, knowledgeable, and detailed, passionate about our cases, and produced great results for us time and time again. He also has a wicked sense of humor and is really handsome, but also very down to earth. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Short to anyone seeking counsel for any type of legal issue, divorce, or family law case.”

– S.R.