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Using Mediation To Resolve Family Law Issues

Mediation can play a key role in resolving difficult family law issues. If you are in conflict with a family member and cannot resolve the matter on your own, a professional mediator can guide you to a solution that works for everyone concerned.

I am a trained and certified mediator who can help you resolve your differences through mediation. From my office in Plano, I serve clients in Collin County, the Dallas Metroplex and throughout North Texas.

When Family Mediation Works

Divorce issues often lend themselves to effective mediation. These can include:

There are also many other family law issues besides divorce where mediation can be a fruitful process. This can occur with issues such as:

  • Care of an elderly relative
  • Disputes about the distribution of estates
  • Premarital or post-marital agreements for couples with blended families

Mediation Has Advantages

As a Plano divorce mediator, I will sometimes go back and forth between the parties to clarify the issues, communicate proposals and brainstorm outside-the-box possibilities. At other times, I will gather the parties together to put the final touches on a mutually workable solution.

The give-and-take involved when you mediate can be very helpful to overcome difficult issues. The flexibility tends to keep the process moving forward, rather than getting bogged down in conflict. As a lawyer and certified mediator, I also help people with issues outside of family law, such as musicians, bands and others in athletics and entertainment.

Get The Guidance Of An Experienced Mediator

I am an experienced attorney and can help you understand whether the collaborative law process is right for you. Call Short Law Firm, PC, at 972-813-9959 or contact me online to schedule a consultation.