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Protecting Your Interests In Entertainment Contracts And Licensing Deals

Contracts are the legal lifeblood of the sports and entertainment industry. They establish your rights and obligations while protecting your interests and anticipating potential problems. A single contract can drastically shape the course of your entire career.

I’m attorney J. Kyle Short at Short Law Firm, PC. I help professional entertainers and athletes advance their careers through thoughtfully structured contracts. I can provide valuable advice so that you don’t get stuck with an unfavorable contract that can hamstring you for years to come.

Clients I Represent

I have experience representing clients in all segments of the sports and entertainment industry. I offer legal services for:

  • Athletes
  • Entertainers
  • Musicians and producers
  • Social media influencers
  • Professional gamers
  • Ticket agencies
  • YouTubers

Through my decades of experience as a lawyer, I have established a network of contacts in the industry that I leverage to benefit my clients.

Addressing Contractual Risks And Providing Solutions

There are many nuances to a solid contract, and without savvy legal advice, you could end up unnecessarily signing away rights or opportunities. I can advise you on the risks of a proposed contract so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.
As a certified mediator, I’m accustomed to thinking outside the box in addressing problematic contract provisions or shortcomings. I can offer win-win resolutions that are mutually beneficial for you and the other parties involved.

Licensing And Endorsements

As an athlete or entertainer, your public image – including your name, image and likeness (NIL) – are central to your career. They have tremendous value and you deserve to have control over them.

As an experienced lawyer in the realm of intellectual property rights, I can help you structure licensing and endorsement deals in a way that maximizes your NIL revenues while complying with any rules set by your athletic organization and staying up-to-date on the latest developments that impact your NIL rights. I can also help you protect your image and intellectual property from misuse.

Fair Use Issues

Many entertainers rely on the “fair use” doctrine when leveraging material produced by others. There are many misconceptions about fair use and many nuances to its application. Straying outside the bounds of legally permissible fair use can have disastrous consequences for your career, finances and reputation. You can rely on me for guidance on fair use to avoid costly and potentially career-ending disputes.

Learn More About How I Can Add Value To Your Contracts And Licensing Deals

You deserve an experienced legal partner to protect your success. Learn more about how I can do that. Contact me online for a consultation or call 972-813-9959. From my office in Plano, Texas, I work with clients throughout the metroplex and beyond.