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Ending A Common Law Marriage

When your common law marriage is unraveling, the uncertainty of what will happen to your property and children can be alarming. As an attorney skilled in common law marriage in Plano and throughout Texas, I can help ease your worries.

At Short Law Firm, PC, I know that any couple will potentially face disagreements and difficulties that could lead to legal issues – regardless of marital status. The same is true for couples who are unmarried but have lived together. When these relationships end, issues such as child custody and property division can become very complicated.

Cohabitation In Texas: What Is It?

Cohabitation is defined as an unmarried couple living together as roommates. A common law marriage exists in the same situation but is different in that the couple has held themselves out as a married couple and intends to be married. The same rights exist in a common law marriage as it would if you were married, similar to divorce.

When people live together as a couple, they buy furniture and property together and sometimes have kids together. I can create agreements that acknowledge and organize the legal rights of each party regarding real and personal property, whether the parties are simply cohabitating or in a common law marriage, in the event the relationship should end.

Under Texas law, agreements regarding parental rights are generally not enforceable.

Your Common Law Questions, Answered

If you are not sure how Texas cohabitation laws may apply to your current relationship, use my online form or call my office: 972-813-9959.