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Protecting Parents’ Rights

Are you unsure of what your rights are as the father of a child when you are not married to his or her mother? Are you attempting to adopt the child of your spouse? Are you concerned with your visitation rights as a mother, father or stepparent to visitation after your divorce from the child’s (other) parent?

At Short Law Firm, PC, in Plano, Texas, I understand how the laws governing parental relationships, including stepparents’ rights work. I will use my experience and skill to assist you with whatever rights you are seeking – custody, visitation or adoption.

Determining Custody

When it comes to determining the primary conservator, or person with primary custody, Texas is a gender-neutral state – mother’s rights and father’s rights concerning their children are generally equal. As a Plano parental rights attorney, I understand that equal responsibilities, decision-making power and time with the children are much more prevalent than they were 20 years ago. In many cases, the fathers are now the primary custodians.

Custody and visitation are determined on a factual basis, meaning that your family’s specific circumstances will be taken into account by the judge evaluating your case.

When both parents have equal rights and are spending an equal amount of time with their child, child support is affected. When calculating the appropriate amount to be paid by one parent to the parent with primary custody, the court will consider the parents’ equal standing and will often reduce or offset child support as a result.

Stepparents’ Rights

When, as a stepparent, you live with children, you develop emotional bonds and relationships with them. This can impact any potential relationship or rights to see the children should you and their parent get divorced.

I can assist you with determining what your rights are and enforcing those rights. I can also help if you are thinking of adopting your stepchild.

Grandparents’ Rights

Texas laws regarding custody are in flux. It can be hard to know what rights grandparents are allowed by law. If you are seeking visitation, custody or adoption of a grandchild, call me. In cases where the well-being of the grandchild is at risk, I can help you understand your options and take the steps necessary to ensure the safety of the child.

Contact My Firm

If you are a stepparent seeking visitation rights, custody or adoption of your stepchild, please contact me now. I will guide you through the complex laws applicable to parents’ rights to seek the outcome that will benefit your child and foster your unique relationship. My office number is 972-813-9959.