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Untangling Complex Property

At Short Law Firm, PC, I have the skills and resources to represent divorce clients who own extensive property and other assets. I can handle complicated property division issues, including those dealing with: inheritances, pension plans, stock options, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), 401(k) and other retirement accounts, savings and investment accounts, vacation homes, boats, automobiles, antiques, furs, coins, jewelry, and interests in a family-owned or other closely held business. Couples may also be in significant debt and need to weigh the consequences of declaring bankruptcy.

Complex Assets, A Meticulous Approach

I understand how difficult a divorce can be when it involves complex property division. It may require the expertise of tax specialists, accountants, real estate professionals, appraisers, financial advisers and other experts. I know when to call in an expert on your case. I have access to a network of professionals who are experienced in complex property issues, such as the valuation of small businesses, including sole proprietorships, partnerships and closely held businesses.

As a family law attorney, I can offer aggressive representation, but I also remain sensitive to the unique issues that determine how each case is handled. I actively listen to my clients to thoroughly understand their goals and circumstances. With that knowledge, I work hard to achieve the best possible results. I will take a positive, helpful and energetic approach in assisting you through the property division process.

Get The Experienced Counsel You Need

When your divorce includes complex property matters or involves debt issues, contact an experienced Plano asset division lawyer today. I can be reached through my online form, or at my office: 972-813-9959.