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Collaborative Law And Your Children

Collaborative law provides parents with a more amicable method for parting ways, but still preserves the relationship they have as parents of their children. I have years of experience facilitating amicable divorce in Plano and throughout Texas.

During the collaborative law process, both parties sit down with a neutral third-party facilitator to work through each issue in the divorce, leading to a compromise. The mediator will guide the couple through a strategic conversation and negotiation, pointed toward an efficient resolution.

Mutual Buy-In, Greater Efficiency

Because both parents have equal buy-in on creating the final divorce proposal, both are likely to be happy with the outcome and it is much more likely to be honored by everyone involved. This allows the parents to actively decide how the children will be cared for and provided for, rather than leaving it to the discretion of the judge.

Many people believe that collaborative law is beneficial for the children. It often prevents parents from additional fighting and putting strain on the children. Also, since the two worked together to reach an agreement, they are often much more amicable in their interactions and cooperate more on raising the child. This collaborative approach and resulting harmony is believed to be in the best interests of the children.

Find Out About Your Collaborative Law Options

As the principal attorney at Short Law Firm, PC, I provide mediation and collaborative law options for families. I understand the built-in benefit to the children, and I am committed to helping parents reach an amicable and mutually agreed-upon outcome.

For more information about collaborative law and your children, please contact me through my online form or at the office: 972-813-9959.