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Services For Same-Sex Marriage

At Short Law Firm, PC, I understand that any couple faces disagreements, difficulties and legal issues – regardless of marital status. For same-sex couples with a partnership agreement, that statement couldn’t be more true. Domestic partnership breakups can include any number of related issues, from child custody to property division. I have helped couples navigate through these issues in Plano and throughout Texas.

Broad Array Of Services

At Short Law Firm, PC, I offer legal services to same-sex couples and those in domestic partnerships and same-sex marriages/relationships in the following areas:

  • Domestic partnership/same sex marriage agreement contracts
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Adoptions
  • Domestic partnership breakups
  • Community property division
  • Same-sex adoption

In Texas, some laws regarding domestic partnerships differ from those of traditional marriages. Child custody and visitation laws, for example, are affected by certain stipulations.

A domestic partnership breakup is handled much like a traditional divorce. I can help you deal with your partnership dissolution in or out of the courtroom. If an agreement cannot be reached through alternative dispute resolution, I advocate on behalf of clients in court. I am prepared to help clients in any way possible.

If you are interested in establishing a domestic partnership, I can help. A domestic partnership agreement allows individuals to establish their status as a couple, which has legal advantages. I help clients set up partnership agreements, as well as represent them in breach of partnership litigation when an issue arises.

Strong Support For Same-Sex Couples

I have handled numerous domestic partnership dissolutions. If you wish to speak to an attorney regarding your case, please contact me online or call: 972-813-9959.