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Advancing Creative Professionals In Texas And Nationally

In addition to a thriving family law practice, I also help musicians, bands, songwriters, filmmakers, YouTube and Instagram personalities, social media influencers and professional athletes with contracts, negotiations, dispute resolution, copyrights, disclosures, Federal Trade Commission guidelines, and the acquisition of rights and licensing.

I help individuals who are just starting out as well as established entertainment and athletic professionals. I recognize that true talent often needs a foot in the door to make it. If you are a business startup or need legal guidance with event planning, facility and equipment subcontracts, call me.

Help Where You Need It Most

Your music, art or sport is your career. Working with an experienced attorney can not only protect you and your work today but also for years to come. My experience and focus lie in these areas:

  • Entertainment law: I help individual musicians, bands, producers, songwriters and filmmakers. If you are uncertain whether I can help or not, give me a call and I can discuss how I can help.
  • Athletic contracts and licensing: I represent the interests of professional athletes. My areas of practice center on contracts, endorsements, merchandising and local commercials. I will protect your rights to your likeness in a photo, video, ad, commercial, film, online or other medium.
  • Social media: I will use the law to protect your creative rights and ownership of images, photographs, videos (for example on YouTube), or as an Instagram or social media influencer. I can guide you through content, fair use, copyright issues, search, documentary, branding, product placement and contract negotiations.
  • Business startups: I offer sensitive and proactive legal guidance with business structuring and development, financing, marketing, networking and product placement.

Specific examples of how I can help:

  • Release you from a previous contract
  • Register your copyrights or trademarks
  • Help you form a publishing company
  • Navigate licensing issues
  • Negotiate contracts, endorsements, merchandising and local commercials
  • Protect your creative rights and ownership of your media
  • Setup business structures, financing, marketing, networking and product placement

Extensive Meditation Experience

The negotiation of any contract or deal is similar to formal mediation. As a certified mediator, I can help resolve disputes and move your project forward quickly, efficiently and timely.

Accessible Counsel, Case-By-Case Basis Rates

My rates and fees for your case and/or legal issues will be discussed once we meet and I have a clear understanding of what your specific needs are. I will take action to ensure your work is protected and your income and income potential are maximized.

My approach to entertainment law is a blend of practical and creative advice. I am sensitive to your needs as an artist and performer. I will give you the aggressive representation your case needs, because I am also personally passionate about music, filmmaking and creative entertainment. I am invested in your success.

I offer a consultation for entertainment and athletic clients so that I can determine what your needs are and how I can assist you. Call me, attorney J. Kyle Short at Short Law Firm, PC, at 972-813-9959 or email me to schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer.