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Legal Remedies For Adultery

When one spouse has cheated on the other, there are always implications for the marriage. Adultery often leads to divorce, and when that happens, you need to know where you stand legally.

At Short Law Firm, PC, in Plano, I can explain your legal situation clearly and help you make the right decisions when adultery has affected your marriage. I serve clients in Collin County, the Dallas Metroplex and throughout North Texas.

Adultery And Divorce: After The Affair

To get a divorce in Texas, it is not always necessary to prove that the other party was at fault. In a no-fault state and system, it is enough to file a petition stating that the parties have irreconcilable differences. You don’t have to catch your spouse in some flagrant act of adultery.

When infidelity has occurred, however, there can still be an effect on the terms of the divorce. If one party alleges that the other party’s adultery was at fault in breaking up the marriage, courts can penalize the cheating spouse by awarding a greater share of the property to the spouse who did not have an affair.

How the courts will respond when a spouse has been unfaithful depends greatly on how judges see the specific facts in each case. As an experienced family law attorney, I can advise you on the best way to proceed and take effective action on your behalf, based on your goals and interests.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

An extramarital affair does not always have to mean the end of a marriage. If you and your spouse still love each other, you may want to work through this difficult time through counseling and various alternative dispute resolution methods.

Whichever side of the allegations you’re on, I can tell you where you stand legally and help you through this difficult time. I am a trained mediator who can help you seek to resolve your differences as forthrightly but amicably as possible.

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