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People seek divorce for any number of reasons, from abandonment to adultery and everything in between. No matter what those reasons are, divorce is difficult for all involved. It is important to have an experienced, compassionate, divorce lawyer on your side. You need an attorney who not only clearly explains the legal issues and process, but who also remains sensitive to the unique issues in your case.

At Short Law Firm, PC, our Texas family law attorneys believe that everyone deserves to be happy. In our many years of experience as divorce lawyers, we've learned that as important as it is for us to offer sound legal advice, it is just as important that we help you to regain perspective if you've been physically or emotionally harmed. We give you the reassurance you need, after gaining an understanding of the history of your case. Contact our firm today. We'll handle your divorce and you can begin to let go.

We know you have so many questions as you face divorce. Should you try the new collaborative divorce process? How will the property be divided − and what about the children?

We can answer all of your questions about issues that include:

We are here to learn all that your situation involves, answer your questions, and to help you through your difficult time.

When you feel you've exhausted all options to save your marriage and are ready to file for divorce, try not to worry anymore. Contact us today.