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Using Mediation To Resolve Family Law Issues

Mediation can play a key role in resolving difficult family law issues. If you are in conflict with a family member and cannot resolve the matter on your own, a professional mediator can guide you to a solution that works for everyone concerned.

Attorney Kyle Short is a trained and certified mediator who can help you resolve your differences through mediation. Contact him at the Short Law Firm, PC, in Plano to learn more. The firm serves clients in Collin County, the Dallas Metroplex and throughout North Texas.

Types Of Issues Conducive To Family Mediation

Divorce issues often lend themselves to effective mediation. These can include:

There are also many other family law issues besides divorce where mediation can be a fruitful process. This can occur with issues such as:

  • Care of an elderly relative
  • Disputes about the distribution of estates
  • Premarital or post-marital agreements for couples with blended families

Advantages Of Mediation Over Litigation

A mediator will sometimes go back and forth between the parties, clarifying the issues, communicating proposals and brainstorming outside-the-box possibilities. At other times, the mediator will gather the parties together, trying to put the final touches on a mutually workable solution.

The give-and-take involved when you mediate can be very helpful in overcoming difficult issues. The flexibility tends to keep the process moving forward, rather than getting bogged down in conflict.

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