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Negotiating Child Custody

Child custody decisions are usually the most sensitive and difficult part of a divorce. I am Short Law Firm, PC principal attorney J. Kyle Short of Short Law Firm, PC, and I can help guide you to choices that keep your child’s or children’s best interests in mind when making custody decisions.

I will explain the child custody laws, inform you of your rights and options, and inform you of the estimated costs of a custody battle. With many years of experience as a Plano child custody lawyer, I offer knowledgeable, compassionate, legal representation and remain accessible to my clients throughout the process. You will always know the status of your case.

Child Custody And Visitation Representation

Issues regarding child custody and parents’ rights and duties are based on five major areas:

  • Physical custody (where the child lives)
  • Legal custody (rights and duties as to decision-making with regard to education, religious training, medical decisions and other issues)
  • Child support arrangements
  • Health care (who will provide health insurance for the child)
  • Visitation rights (who sees the child, and when)

My family law firm is dedicated to excellence in divorce and complex property issues.

Get Knowledgeable Texas Custody Guidance

I provide aggressive and practical legal services while remaining sensitive to children involved. If you have questions about child custody, contact me online or else call my office: 972-813-9959.