Are you concerned that your former spouse or the other parent of your child will appeal the lower court's determination on child custody and support, property division or alimony? Do you feel that the court issued a decision that is unfair to you? Are the facts of your case particularly complicated and/or likely to result in appeal regardless of the outcome at the trial level?

At Short Law Firm, PC, in Plano, Texas, our attorneys have the highly specialized skill required to appeal an unfavorable decision, or to defend a decision made in your favor at the appellate level.

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Plano Appeals Court Lawyers

Appellate work begins at the trial court level with the preservation of your rights by:

  • Making all potential arguments regarding the underlying case
  • Making the appropriate objections
  • Requesting that the appropriate rulings be made

For this reason, it is crucial to seek the assistance of attorneys who have experience at both the trial and appellate levels. Whether you are looking for a lawyer who can handle your case from start to finish or if you are looking for a new attorney to handle your case as it proceeds to the appellate level, our Texas appeals process lawyers can help.

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If you have suffered an unfavorable outcome in court or must defend a verdict in your favor — the lawyers of Short Law Firm, PC, can help. Call us at 972-468-1821 or contact our Plano appeals court attorneys online to arrange a free consultation.