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Collaborative Law

Plano Collaborative Law Lawyer

A Less Stressful, More Cooperative Divorce Resolution

Around the country, there is a growing recognition that traditional litigation is not the best way for many divorcing couples to resolve the issues. Litigation tends to involve too much conflict, expend too much time and money, and lead to unpredictable results.

Texas is in the forefront of a new way of handling divorce cases, called collaborative law. The collaborative process focuses on finding mutually workable solutions to problems, using a commonly chosen team of experts.

At Short Law Firm, in Plano, we can help you assess whether the collaborative divorce process is the best way to end your marriage. Contact us to learn more. We serve clients in Collin County, the Dallas Metroplex, and throughout North Texas.

How Collaborative Family Law Works

In the collaborative law process, each spouse chooses an attorney. The attorneys then assemble a team of experts to assist in finding solutions to the issues. This team typically includes a mental health professional, an accountant or other financial professional, and, if child custody is an issue, sometimes a psychologist.

Collaborative LawThe attorneys, parties, and team of experts work together, seeking agreement on all points of contention. If the process does not reach a settlement, the attorneys must withdraw, so there is an incentive for them to be as proactive as possible in finding solutions, not perpetuating disagreement.

At Short Law Firm, our experienced Plano collaborative law attorneys can advise you whether the collaborative law process is right for you. We can then take effective action on your behalf whichever path you choose, collaborative or traditional.

If you choose traditional litigation, we have ample experience in protecting our clients' rights and interests in that way. But we also know how to pursue positive solutions through collaborative law and other alternative dispute resolution methods. Attorney Kyle Short is a trained and certified mediator who can help you resolve your differences through mediation, if that is your choice.

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At the Short Law Firm, in Plano, we can help you understand whether the collaborative law process is the right way to handle your divorce. Call 972-468-1821 or contact us online to schedule a consultation

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